Role of GIEN

Role of GIEN team is to:

  • refine inclusive education practices
  • provide suggestions to members of the three level councils on developing courses / professional capacity building programme for in-service teacher educators, parents, non-teaching staff, para-medical staff, transport staff, peons and community members
  • conduct researches on implementation of inclusive education including effectiveness¬†research
  • provide feedback on the resource material used in inclusive education practices and teacher development
  • form groups of educational institutions including schools to promote collaboration to enhance the quality of Inclusive education
  • suggest resource material, developmental needs to School Inclusive Education Development (SIED) team
  • help in developing tool kits for evaluating Inclusive education practices
  • facilitate formation of Regional Committees
  • encourage and support educators with new and innovative ideas through GIEN annual awards
  • Collaboration and cooperation with other professional development providers, community agencies and organizations working on behalf of children with impairment