Purpose of GIEN

  • plan, manage and implement GIEN programmes. GIEN team will provide guidance for policy formulations, training and research programmes to be spelt out by International Advisory Council (IAC). They will also oversee implementation of policies.
  • create Teachers for All
  • create a network of professionals and institutions actively involved in inclusive education initiative and working to improve education of all children with and without disabilities.
  • influence practices and improve the quality of resources for teachers
  • provide strong networking opportunities through professional development activities
  • enhance the quality of inclusive teaching and learning practices as well as resources for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • promote Inclusive education based on researches, evidence based practices, innovations, inventions and use of ICT and Assistive Technologies being generated by practitioners working in inclusive settings
  • reach out to all professionals from different parts of India and globally to bring all to a common platform and share their work with each other and learn to create inclusive sharing community (ISC).