Activities » Training workshop on Documentation

Training workshops will be organized for SIED team of each member school.  The team will be trained on documentation of inclusive education practices on the basis of the Quality Indicators for Inclusive Education. These indicators are designed to serve a technical assistance tool and will be used by schools to

  • Assess the current status of inclusive education practices
  • identify areas of strength as well as areas in which further development is needed; and
  • Develop a strategic school improvement plan for inclusive education

Brotherhood, Delhi and the Centre for Disability Studies and Action, School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in collaboration with the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), a constitution board of Quality Councils of India (QCI); under the guidance and leadership of Prof. N K Jangira, and several eminent professionals have developed Quality Indicators for Inclusive Education.

Quality Indicators are developed through action learning and by observing the practices in the classrooms of regular schools, including Government and Private schools that have been educating children with disabilities (CWD) in their schools. The practices are based on the guidelines issued by the various Government Departments / agencies.  Inputs were also obtained from various experts in inclusive/special education, regular teachers, special educators, counsellors and parents of CWD and persons with disabilities who made significant contribution to this exercise.

Quality Indicators are most effectively used in conjunction with a self-assessment process that helps to measure the current levels of implementation and guide movement forward toward targeted practices. The process of self-assessment should, as a matter of course, generate management information about the overall quality, which, in turn, can then be used to develop goals, objectives and a set of targeted actions to drive improvement in inclusive practices.