About GIEN

One of the outcomes of the conferences is to share and disseminate ideas, research findings, academic approaches, field-level experiences, evidence based practices and innovations & inventions in inclusive education globally creating a sharing community.  Considering the interest shown by professionals, Global Inclusive Education Network has been formed with a three level advisory council:

  1. International Advisory Council (IAC)
  2. International Executive Council IEC)
  3. School Inclusive Education Development (SIED) Team

International Advisory Council (IAC)

IAC which will translate the policies of GIEN for implementation, will develop programme and policy guidelines to be implemented by International Executive Council (IEC). It will provide a link between programme implementation and GIEN teams.

The Inclusive Education is also implemented in Higher Education and Teacher Training located in universities and Colleges of Education.  A few universities approached us for collaboration.  It was discussed with Vice Chancellors who supported this vertical extension.

International Executive Council (IEC)

IEC will implement and guide School Inclusive Education Development (SIED) Team. It will also encourage SIED team to develop innovative practices and innovation in teaching, training and learning. Feedback on implementation will be shared with the IAC which, in turn, will share policy implementation by GIEN team.  

School Inclusive Education Development Team (SIED) Team

The practitioners are encouraged by their IEC to implement and innovate practices and inventions in curriculum and assessment for all students. They will also document inclusive education practices based on quality indicators for inclusive education.